Have you ever felt like life should be something more than it is? Like you are missing something? Is it joy?

If so, you are in the right place.

Hi, I am Kira, and I am on a journey to discover how to live with joy.

My journey began with the realization that something was missing from my life. Everyday was pretty much the same. I’d wake up, take care of the baby, clean the house, cook dinner, do school/work, then collapse in front of the TV until bedtime. At the end of most days I felt unfulfilled. Life was flying by and I was not enjoying it. I knew life had to be more than this. I knew I was meant for more than this. So I asked God what I should do and he answered:

Pursue joy.

And there it was, one tiny little word that explained everything: joy. I had lost my joy.

This realization left me with a lot of questions: What even is joy? How do we get it? What difference does it make in our lives? How can we live with joy every day and in all circumstances?

All I knew for sure was joy came from God, and if I wanted joy, then I must seek after God and after the life he intended me to live.

So I write to find answers, but I also write to encourage others (that’s you!) to pursue joy. I believe this journey is supposed to be shared, and I would love for you to join me. Whether you have lost your joy, feel like you never had joy, or simply want more joy, there is something for you here.

I would love to connect with you, so please feel free to leave comments, or send me an e-mail at Kira(at)joypursued(dot)com.

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