Benefits of Living With an Eternal Perspective

Learn why we should live with an eternal perspective and how shifting our minds to things above benefits our spiritual growth. Click to read.

Over the past year we’ve slowly walked through the beatitudes (the characteristics of kingdom citizens). We’ve covered what it means to be humble, repentant, meek, and compassionate. Diving deeper, we looked at hungering and thirsting for righteousness, purifying our hearts, being peacemakers, and standing firm in our faith when persecuted. And while we went straight […]

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Focus on Jesus: 7 Christ-Centered Christmas Traditions

Help your family stay focused on Jesus this Christmas season with Christ-centered Christmas traditions. 7 Christian writers share their traditions with you.

At two years old, my daughter already loves Christmas. She exclaims “Christmas tree!” and takes off running anytime her eye catches the colorful lights wrapped around green branches. Even though I’ve never told her about Santa Claus, reindeer, or present making elves, she knows all about them from watching Mickey Mouse Christmas movies over and […]

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