New to blogging? Start your journey off right by with the best blogging courses for beginning bloggers. Click to see my recommendations.

The Best Blogging Courses for Beginning Bloggers

Before I started blogging I started researching. I wanted to know exactly what I was getting into. It didn’t take long before I realized I would need help. Words like themes, plugins, and SEO felt like a foreign language. Other aspects of blogging, like having an email list, were not even on my radar when I first entertained the idea of starting a blog.

As a type A person, doing things “the right way” was my upmost concern. I understood that meant investing in my blog from the beginning, but I also had a limited budget. Therefore, I chose what courses I spent money on carefully and then put in my best effort to get the most out of each course.

Because of these wise investments, I’ve saved myself a lot of time and frustration by setting everything up correctly from the beginning. They also taught me best practices, so I’ve been able to grow steadily and create great relationships along the way.

New to blogging? Start your journey off right by with the best blogging courses for beginning bloggers. Click to see my recommendations.

I know many new bloggers are exactly where I was, overwhelmed with limited resources to invest in training. So today I want to share with you the best blogging courses for beginning bloggers based on my own experience.

Best Blogging Course for Beginning Bloggers

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. (This just means I make a small commission from any purchase of recommended resources.) Click here for full disclosure.

Building A Framework: The Ultimate Blogging Handbook by Abby Lawson

This Course is exactly what the subtitle says, the ultimate guide to blogging. Written for the true beginner, Abby walks you step by step through everything you need to know. I would never have gotten through all the technical aspects of setting up a blog without with course.

BONUS: She offers a free 10-day email course that gives you a snapshot of Building a Framework. You can sign up for that here. 

Content Conversations by Christa Hutchins

Created especially for Christian bloggers, Christa helps you create a content strategy for all your different platforms (blog posts, emails, and social media). I share all about this course here. 

List Building Academy by Laura from I Heart Planners 

You won’t be blogging for long before you hear how important it is to build an email list. But just like starting a blog, there is a steep learning curve! I love this course for beginners because Laura walks you step by step through setting up your email service, getting people to subscribe, and what to do with your list once you actually have subscribers.

*If you are looking to build your email list make sure you grab my free guide, How to Create the Perfect Opt-in: A Guide for Attracting True Fans to Your Email List.

Pinterest in 21 by Arabah Joy 

Want to grow your page views? Pinterest is the place to be! In this course, Arabah Joy helps you set up your business account, optimize your account for search results (because Pinterest is a search engine!), set up a pinning strategy, and much more. The course is set up to give you one practical step to take everyday so it doesn’t feel overwhelming.

The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit by Ultimate Bundles

Each year the wonderful people at Ultimate Bundles curate The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit. This bundle is packed full of Ebooks and Ecourses on a every topic a blogging needs to know. The bundle changes every year but it’s always an amazing deal. If you want to be notified when it’s available, sing up for my blogger only emails and I will make sure you don’t miss out!

While there is a lot to learn when it comes to blogging, the courses above reflect where I recommend starting. Get your blog set up well from the beginning, have a solid content strategy, grow your email list, and use Pinterest to expand your reach.






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