Did you know that it is never too early to pray for your child? This post explains why praying for your infant, even before they are born, is beneficial to both your child and you as a mom.

Why It’s Never Too Early To Pray For Your Child

As a first time mom, I spend a lot of time reading baby books trying to learn the “right” things to do. I read advice on setting an eating and sleeping routine to achieve peaceful nights. I learn which activities would help her reach developmental milestones, and what foods should be introduced at what age.

If something sounded like it would set her up for a better future, I tried it. I wanted to do everything in my power to ensure my daughter was not only well taken care of, but thriving.

Yet, even with all the books, blog posts, and ideas from Pinterest, I was missing one very important aspect of her future; her spiritual life.

Did you know that it is never too early to pray for your child? This post explains why praying for your infant, even before they are born, is beneficial to both your child and you as a mom.

To be honest, I just hadn’t thought much about it; after all, she was just a baby. She had some major developmental milestones to achieve before she could even comprehend there was a God; not to mention how long it would take her to understand having a spiritual life.

Therefore, my daughter’s spiritual life was put in the box in my head labeled “to deal with later.” It didn’t end up staying there very long though.

When my daughter was around 7 months old, I heard Fern Nichols from Moms in Prayer International talk about how important it is to pray daily for our children.

Now, I already knew parents should pray for their children, and I did pray for my daughter. When she was sick I prayed for her to feel better, and when she was screaming in the middle of the night I prayed she would please please please go to sleep!

But, this is not the kind of prayer Fern was talking about. She said we need to pray for all aspects of our children’s lives: their relationship with Jesus, their character, their friends, their  school, their future spouse, etc.

Since this fell into the “benefit her future” category, I decided it would be a good idea to implement Fern’s ideas…maybe when my daughter is a little bit older though (You see I wasn’t quite ready to take her spiritual life out of the “deal with later” box).

But then, “why wait?” ran through my thoughts. I knew it was God challenging me to begin praying for my daughter right then and there.

Not knowing where to begin, I bought Fern’s book of prayers for moms and I started to read one prayer a day.

At first it felt a little strange to pray for situations which had not happened yet; but as I continued to pray, I began to see the beautiful gift I was giving my daughter.

Even though her future is unknown to me, and I don’t know what struggles she will face in her life, God already knows. He is outside of time, he saw her beginning before it happened, and he can see the end.

Did you know that it is never too early to pray for your child? This post explains why praying for your infant, even before they are born, is beneficial to both your child and you as a mom.

Therefore, when I pray for her now, God knows when she will need what I am asking him for. He knows when she will need to experience his forgiveness, to seek refuge in him, and trust his plans for her life

While it is impossible to protect our children from hurt, disappointment, and sadness; we can ask God to be in those situations before they even happen.

We can also ask God to shape our child’s character; helping them grow into who he desires them to be.

I ask God to give my daughter a kind heart, full of love and compassion for others. I ask him to make my daughter a person of integrity, and give her the desire to pursue righteousness. I ask that the fruits of the spirit be developed in her from a young age.

In addition to benefiting my daughter, praying for her gives me a sense of peace. Not because it means I will have a perfect child, but because I have now handed all areas of her life over to God.

I may be her mother, but God is her creator. He loves her, knows her, and watches over her whole life.

So why not pray for your child’s whole life?

Start when they are born, or even while still being formed in the womb (remember God sees us when we are formless). Pray for who they will become, and for the situations in life they will face.

Invite God to work in your child’s life every single day.

If you aren’t sure where to start, I highly recommend Fern’s book which you can find here [affiliate link]: Mom’s Little Book of Powerful Prayers

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12 thoughts on “Why It’s Never Too Early To Pray For Your Child

  1. I love the idea of inviting God into the raising of your daughter through prayer! I find, too, that it guides me. I have help knowing when to be stern, when to be a friend, when to ask questions, when to let her be. I never knew how much I needed God’s help until I became a mother!

    • Amen! I think parenting definitely falls into that category of things God puts us through so that we learn to rely on him more.

  2. You’ve shared such a deeply important truth in this post.
    Wow, if I could go back to when I first became a Mom (many years ago),
    this is what I would want to get established in my daily life from day 1.
    I’m sharing your post on my home daycare FB page and Pinterest.

    • The importance would have never occurred to me if I had not obeyed that prompting from God. The beautiful thing is that it is also never too late to pray for your children. God still holds their future, no matter how much of it is left. Thank you for sharing, I do appreciate it.

  3. When we were in the hospital with our foster son we read the book “pure joy” to him. It’s prayers for your child. We were so blessed by that time with him.

  4. Yes there is such value in prayer. I find it makes me more mindful of what I can do to prepare my children’s hearts but there is a sense of peace that God is there taking care of what I have no control over.

    • Yes, exactly! I tend to want to be in control of everything but I know I just can’t, so finding peace by giving those situations to God is really important.

    • It is easy to forget about! Especially when kids are little and it is hard enough trying to keep up with everything. So important though, I am glad you stopped by.

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