Experience the transforming power of a gospel-centered life by learning the simple practice of praying the promises of the cross every day.

The Simple Secret To A Gospel-Centered Life

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“Would you say the gospel is the most important thing in your life?” my small group leader asked one night. Heads nodded around the room. “Then why don’t we wake up thinking about it? Why isn’t it on our minds all the time?”


No one was brave enough to voice the sad truth; even though we know the importance of the gospel, we don’t let it into our daily lives. Like seasonal décor, we talk about the gospel at Christmas and Easter, and then neatly pack it away.


Experience the transforming power of a gospel-centered life by learning the simple practice of praying the promises of the cross every day.

No one dared look at each other as our leader continued; “How can we change that? How can we put the gospel at the center of our lives every day?”

A few more moments of silence passed before someone spoke up, “by being intentional about it.” Heads nodded around the room again, but the questions of “how?” lingered in the air.

As our group leader waited for additional comments, my mind wandered to the black three-ring binder leaning up against my bed at home; “We pray the promises of the cross every morning.”

Praying the Promises of the Cross

Recently, I had started using the Praying the Promises of the Cross Journal, created by my blogging buddy Arabah Joy. Every morning, this journal walked me to the cross with scripture, a mini-devotional, and space to write down a prayer.

As a result, I marveled at God’s love. Day after day, I profusely thanked God for sacrificing Jesus to save me, for adopting me into his family, and for extending grace and righteousness to a sinner like me.

My time at the cross each morning gave me a heart of repentance. (How could I hold on to sin knowing what Jesus went through to redeem me?) And as the days passed, I offered forgiveness and grace to others more readily because God gave me an abundance of both every morning.

Explaining this practice to my small group opened my eyes to the transformation happening within my life. I couldn’t help feeling like I had discovered the simple secret to a gospel-centered life; go to the cross every day and meet Jesus there. That’s it! For the gospel is powerful and if we allow Him, God will use it to transform us.

Yet, without the Praying the Promises of the Cross Journal, I would have sat silently with my brothers and sisters in Christ, knowing the gospel should make a difference, but not knowing how to practically apply it every day.

If you also struggle with putting the gospel front and center every day, then I highly recommend the Praying The Promises of the Cross Journal. Here is what Arabah says about it:

Praying the Promises of the Cross was carefully designed to help take the guess work out of praying promises.

This digital resource can be instantly downloaded and includes everything you need to pray the promises while addressing the most common obstacles to praying scripture.

The Praying the Promises of the Cross Journal includes:

  • 40 ALL NEW Scriptures in a Quick Start Guide
  • Instructions on How to Pray Promises from God’s Word
  • 40 Daily mini-devotionals
  • 40 beautifully designed and fully customized prayer journal pages for you to journal your thoughts and prayers
  • blank journal pages for you to individualize as you like

You can grab yours now by clicking here.

See for yourself how this one little discipline can transform your life


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10 thoughts on “The Simple Secret To A Gospel-Centered Life

  1. Thank you! I love the practical application you have here. The awkward silence after the leaders’ question is all to familiar. We often have such a difficult time knowing how to live out our faith, and have the gospel central in our lives. Thank you for sharing!

    • I am glad you can relate Elizabeth. I always think “why is this so hard?” but then I remember, Jesus never promised following him would be easy. In fact, he promises it will be hard!

  2. So often the “practial applications” of God’s Word are fruits of actually understanding who God is and all He has done for us. We all need to remind each other of our rich inheritance in Christ. It is too easy to let a situation like that become a motivator for guilt rather than a wonderful opportunity to point people back to the faith we desire to live out!

    • Yes, well said! The conversation was definitely not intended to be a guilt driven one, but rather, “hey we all fall short in this area, how can we do better?” And I think those are exactly the types of conversations we should have with other Christians; How can we grow in Christ?

  3. Visiting from Fresh Market Friday. Thank you for sharing this. Remembering the cross, yes, what a beautiful way to start the day. Our hearts need those very important prompts to draw us into repentance. May your soul be refreshed in the One who died for you touches your heart with the magnitude of His love.

  4. Loved this! Great lesson and thank you for the resource suggestion! Beginning each day with Jesus, pondering and praying at the foot of the cross, has to impact us from the inside out:)

    • I’m glad you found it helpful. Sometimes the answer seems so simple, yet we need constant reminders! I know I certainly do.

    • Hi Missy, the journal is $12. I just clicked the link to find out why it didn’t tell you that and I see there is definitely an issue. I will contact Arabah Joy and see if we can get that fixed! Thank you for letting me know.

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